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Tim Rand Art

Portrait of a Revolution

Portrait of a Revolution

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60" x 54"

Oil on Panel


Portrait of a Revolution is part of a series of portraits depicting great men. Great is not always an accolade, great men can be terrible. They are larger than life and important in their time. 

This portrait, of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was painted during his tumultuous end. At the beginning it was a portrait of a defiant ruler, embattled and unmoving. As the tides began to turn and as I slowly painted each square, Gaddafi became a man on the run, ragged and desperate as forces closed in. When I finally finished the piece, it felt more like a death mask for a slain man than anything else. 

A small hand holds up a square at the bottom of the piece saying one at a time. It signifies the fact that one voice alone cannot do much but if enough people begin to stand up much can be accomplished. Just like the squares in the painting, the big picture is seen from afar.

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